Hello!  I am CW Hawes and will soon join the indie author world.  Here I will tell you about my upcoming books, what’s going well, and what isn’t with regard to writing and publishing.  In addition I plan on sharing things I find interesting dealing with the world of writing and the world in general.  But mostly the world of writing.  And I suppose the world of books.

This website is a work in progress.  While not a technophobe, I definitely feel more comfortable with a pencil, fountain pen, or dip pen in my hand.  Having written that, I can usually be found also carrying my iPad.  As days go by there will probably be changes in the site as I get used to running this thing and discover what it is capable of.  But mostly I want a place where I can interact with you, the people who read books and hopefully my books, and like to talk about them.

Stay tuned for future developments!





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