Month: December 2014

What’s Happening in 2015?

I’m not a prophet or a mystic. I don’t do Tarot or have a crystal ball. I can make guesses, both educated and un-educated, but am of the opinion they are generally a waste of time. So what is on

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White Christmas

At least in Minneapolis we’re dreaming of a white Christmas. Unseasonably warm weather and rain have vaporized our snow. NOT that I’m unhappy about it. We had a couple weeks of snow and I’m ready now for spring. The weather

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What Is Dieselpunk?

What is Dieselpunk? Ask a hundred dieselpunkers and you’ll probably get a hundred answers. I’m a newbie to the genre and in searching the ‘net for answers and reading the literature that is available I found the technical answers somewhat

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Rational Anarchism

Nearly fifty years ago, a writer by the name of Robert A Heinlein wrote and got published a book entitled, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.  One of the principal characters in the novel is Professor Bernardo de la Paz,

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Two New Books Out!

Two new books are now available at Amazon in the Kindle store: The Shining City, the second book in The Rocheport Saga, and Trio in Death-Sharp Minor, the second volume in the Justinia Wright, PI series. In The Shining City,

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Gestation Period

I’m a late bloomer.  Have been my entire life.  I’m not complaining, just stating a fact. Festival of Death was my first novel.  I wrote the manuscript over the course of a year.  1989, to be precise.  When finished, I

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Update on KOPN Interview

Due to a mix up in communication, the KOPN interview was taped on Sunday, 30 November.  Apologies to all who may have tuned in to listen. I’ll post the air date and time when I’m notified. I can say, it

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