Month: February 2017

Zeppelin Mania: My Library

The LZ-114 completed after WW I, turned over to the French, and renamed Dixmude. Many of you are aware of my love affair with the airship and the rigid airship in particular. Some of you have made comments on the

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The 8-Fold Path-Step 2: Avoid Talking

  Unless we are hermits or are living in an eremitic cloister, it’s going to be fairly difficult to avoid talking altogether. And I don’t think we should as long as we live in the broader human society. Therefore step

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Book Review: Finder, The True Story of a Private Investigator

I love private detective novels. But the biographies and autobiographies of real private detectives I find equally fascinating. I have a small collection of these books. Finder: The True Story Of A Private Investigator is the autobiography of Marilyn Greene,

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The 8-Fold Path – First Step: Limit Talking

Talking. Some of us love to talk. Others of us talk very little. My mother was a great talker. My dad can go for hours without saying a peep. And if we aren’t talking there are certainly those around us

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We’re familiar with the California Gold Rush of 1848, or the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896, or the Victorian Gold Rush of 1851 in Australia, or the Witwatersrand Gold Rush of 1886 in South Africa. Today we are in the

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The 8-Fold Path: What is it?

The 8-Fold Path for Living Daily in the Silence is an 8-Step program for quieting our world — the world without and the world within. The “Path” grew out of my own experience of silence and solitude retreats and my

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Movie Review: The Before Trilogy

The plotless movie. The plotless novel. The plotless story. How can a movie or a work of literature have no plot? Well, the answer is simple. It can’t. All stories have a plot of some kind, because the plot is

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8-Fold Path: Silence, Where and When

Silence is the gateway to better health, both mentally and physically, as well as being the gateway to a richer spiritual life. However, we are so busy and noise is everywhere. Where and when can we get in a little

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