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Zeppelin Mania: In Those Days, Giants

The Graf Zeppelin Over Rio On the Graf Zeppelin  Hugo Eckener (translated from the German by Douglas Robinson) I have always felt that such effects as were produced by the Zeppelin airship were traceable to a large degree to aesthetic

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Zeppelin Mania: My Library

The LZ-114 completed after WW I, turned over to the French, and renamed Dixmude. Many of you are aware of my love affair with the airship and the rigid airship in particular. Some of you have made comments on the

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My Notable Reads of 2016

We are three days into the new year. There are 355 days until Christmas. Just in case anyone was curious. Most of us aren’t quite yet looking in that direction. We’re still making the adjustment from 2016 to 2017, still

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Zeppelin Mania: LZ-1 and R-34

The LZ-1 in Flight Over the Bodensee One hundred sixteen years ago today, at 8:03 in the evening, the LZ-1 slowly floated upward from the surface of the Bodensee and made history. The first successful rigid airship had taken flight,

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Zeppelin Mania

This past Tuesday I wrote about the flight of the world’s first airliner — the LZ-7 Deutschland. That post was a prelude to a series I’ll be writing throughout the rest of the year chronicling the triumphs of the rigid

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The World’s First Commercial Airliner

Today is an auspicious day in aviation history. One hundred and six years ago, the world’s first commercial air flight took place by the world’s first commercial aircraft. The LZ-7 Deutschland took off from Dusseldorf, Germany with 24 passengers on

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Cozy Catastrophe Review: The Rocheport Saga

The Rocheport Saga is my contribution to the cozy catastrophe subgenre. Freedom’s Freehold, the sixth book in the series, is available for pre-order, and the entire series is on sale for 99¢ per book until the 13th of June. Do

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The Wonderful Machine Age: The Daring Young Men in Their Flying Machines #2

Airships. Those behemoths of the sky. Gentle giants that fill us with awe. That still inspire us to dream of their return some 78 years after the end of commercial airship flight. Oh, how we love them! Yet, given today’s

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8 Sentence Sunday on Dieselpunks #37

Last week we stopped in the middle of Rand Hart’s rumination over von Osler’s offer of a sweet pile of deutsche marks to make a simple delivery. Today we continue his ruminations and finish the chapter. It’s quite a bit

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8 Sentence Sunday on Dieselpunks #36

Von Osler wants Hart very badly to be his deliveryman, as we saw last week: “I have a person who will make the delivery. But…” Von Osler shrugged. “He is not as skilled, creative, or lucky as you are. With

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