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Zeppelin Mania: In Those Days, Giants

The Graf Zeppelin Over Rio On the Graf Zeppelin  Hugo Eckener (translated from the German by Douglas Robinson) I have always felt that such effects as were produced by the Zeppelin airship were traceable to a large degree to aesthetic

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Zeppelin Mania: My Library

The LZ-114 completed after WW I, turned over to the French, and renamed Dixmude. Many of you are aware of my love affair with the airship and the rigid airship in particular. Some of you have made comments on the

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8 Sentence Sunday on Dieselpunks #18

Last week, we left Rand Hart in the midst of the final hand of a poker game on the Hindenburg. This week we pick up where we left off. Herr von Osler does not have enough chips to match what

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