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The 8-Fold Path-Step 2: Avoid Talking

  Unless we are hermits or are living in an eremitic cloister, it’s going to be fairly difficult to avoid talking altogether. And I don’t think we should as long as we live in the broader human society. Therefore step

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The 8-Fold Path: What is it?

The 8-Fold Path for Living Daily in the Silence is an 8-Step program for quieting our world — the world without and the world within. The “Path” grew out of my own experience of silence and solitude retreats and my

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The 8-Fold Path

Noise is all around us. It is part of our daily lives. Silence is a rare commodity. Something not true up to 100 or 125 years ago. And with all that noise pollution our bodies suffer: hearing loss, tinnitus, and

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