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I love short stories. Always have. Here you’ll find short stories available for your reading pleasure. I’ll make them available for about a week or so – and they’ll be free! The longer ones I’ll publish in book form. You’ll find a list of them below.

As always, thanks for reading!

This Week’s Free Story

This week’s freebie is my story “Before the Light”. I’m very pleased with this piece of flash fiction published by 1:1000 ezine. You can read it here: “Before the Light” at 1:1000


Published Short Stories

Justinia Wright, Private Investigator Mysteries

Jack in the Box

Jack in the box 2-website

Available at Amazon!

Sauerkraut Days

Sauerkraut Days V2-website

Available at Amazon!

 Minneapolis’ Finest

Minneapolis' Finest V2 website

Available at Amazon!


Tales of the Macabre and Arabesque

Ancient History

A ghost story

Ancient History

Available on Amazon!

What The Next Day Brings

A story in the tradition of H P Lovecraft

what the next day brings1 webcopy

Available on Amazon!


A contemporary vampire tale.

METAMORPHOSIS website copy

Available at Amazon!

[Note: The Amazon links on this page are affliate links. I earn a small commission without you paying anything extra. Thanks for your support!]

11 thoughts on “Freebies & Short Stories”

  1. This was a nice read to combat my dislike of Halloween. Devon’s wife is pretty nice to make him dinner when she wasn’t going to be there 😉 My grandparents had a Park Avenue car which they gave to my mother and we drove it from New Hampshire to Montana after I graduated prep-school. I liked the visual of that boat of a car with Devon and the Reverend driving through a seedy part of town.

    1. Thanks, Alice! Although Devon’s wife has to eat too. Maybe that is why she makes dinner. 😉

      One has to love those big old boats. They are something to drive and ride in.

  2. Excellent story! I thoroughly enjoyed this, CW.


    I wasn’t quite sure about the initial reveal and the ‘bat scene’, but looking back I think I can see what you were aiming for. I’ve waited for an Erzsébet to knock on my door my whole life…


    1. I think all of us guys have been waiting for Erzsébet. Lucky Devon. Of course, if we thought about the real person I took the name from, maybe not!

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